Teaching & Outreach

I enjoy teaching immensely and find great joy and satisfaction in introducing people to geology and sharing my passion.  I’m grateful to have taken classes by inspiring professors who I model my teaching after, while incorporating my own style.

Here are the courses that I’ve been a Teaching Assistant for:

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Spring 2016           Glacial and Pleistocene Geology

Fall 2015, 2016                 Introduction to Geological Structures

University at Buffalo

Spring 2014            GIS for Earth Science

Fall 2013                  Global Environmental Science 1

Fall 2012                  Mineralogy

Beloit College

Fall 2010                  Environmental Geology



During the calendar year 2015 I took part in the The Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows program, in which I developed (along with a colleague WGNHS) an outreach activity for children and families pertaining to my research about the Wisconsin River.  We carried out the activity at three outreach events, including the Wisconsin Science Festival  and UW Science Expeditions.  Each events let us contact more than 200 people, and I hope to keep participating in these events for the rest of my PhD!  As of now, I’m participated in these events four times.  During Fall 2016, the paleoclimate lab had a table at the Wisconsin Science Festival, discussing past and future climate changes with our visitors.

I also participate in the Madison Middle School Science Symposium, a great and fun way to inspire young scientists.  In 2015, my group of 8th grade students worked on a project about acid rain.  In 2016 I worked with two separate groups of students, one did a project about the geochemistry of Lake Monona in Madison, the other searched for micrometeorites in sediment from Death Valley.

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