Google Scholar profile

Pendleton, S.L., Ceperley, E.G., Briner, J.P., Kaufman, D.S., and Zimmerman, S., 2015, Rapid and Early Deglaciation in the central Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska: Geology, v. 43, no. 5 Pendleton_et_al_2015

Conference presentations

Ceperley, E.G., Carson, E.C., Bates, B.R, Rawling III, J.E., Streiff, C.M., Late Pleistocene aggradation and damming of tributaries to the lower Wisconsin River in Southwestern Wisconsin, North-Central Geological Society of America, Madison, WI, May 2015.

Rawling, J.E. III, Carson, E.C., Ceperley, E.G., Hooyer, T.S., High resolution grain-size analyses from Pleistocene proglacial lake sediment in Wisconsin: linking sedimentary processes to landscape evolution, Geological Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC, October 2014.

Ceperley, E.G., Briner, J.P., Kaufman, D.S., Lacustrine record of Holocene paleoenvironments from Shainin Lake, Brooks Range, Arctic Alsaka, NE Geological Society of America, Lancaster, PA, March 2014.

Ceperley, E.G., Pendleton, S.L., Briner, J.P., Zimmerman, S., A new 10Be chronology for the LGM in the Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December 2013.

Ceperley E.G., Brigham-Grette J., Powell R., Swanson S., Using clay mineralogy to analyze sediment sources, Kronebreene and Kongsvegen glaciers, Svalbard, Norway, Arctic Workshop, Winter Park, CO, March 2012.

Ceperley, E.G., Delatolas, N., Derry, LA, Huth, A, et al., The Carbon-Neutral Classroom: A User’s Guide, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, October 2011.

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